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So after months of 'putting it off' I finally DOVE IN to start the next piece in my equipment series on December 7th... The entire time I worked on this piece, I was distracted... it was being done in a foreign country in a 2 bedroom hotel suite on an 'extended holiday' that pushed me to "go with the flow" WAY more than I typically do!! But I was so glad it was there to settle my nerves throughout our visit. It was completed in 6.5ish hours over 8 sittings that spanned 5 weeks. In the middle I completed a house portrait as a gift for my Brother In Law and Sister In Law for Christmas (I suppose I could post about that one too, eh?)

If you follow me on Instagram or like me on Facebook you got to see these photos already, but here they are again in a little better format to see the progress! First is the reference photo (gleaned from Google). 























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So... what should the next piece of equipment on my list be?

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