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I am SO honored to have been chosen as the artist for the program cover for the 2017 Navy-Marine Corps Ball which takes place on February 4, 2017 at the Washington Hilton in Washington DC. I shared my selection on social media a while ago, but can now share the PIECE as it's almost time for the Ball! It is heartwarming and so motivating to have been found by another Marine spouse through my book We Call Them Home: A Collection of Marine Corps Watercolors and have been submitted into the running, and then to be selected! I was (and still am) estatic! 

The Navy-Marine Corps Ball is the culminating event following months of fundraising by the Navy-Marine Corps Ball Committee (NMCBC). All funds raised by the NMCBC are donated to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, which is an awesome organization that helps military members in SO many ways. This year's theme is "A Community of Caring" and I was challenged with finding an image that showcased that theme as best as possible as well as me as an artist... after bouncing a LOT of ideas around with my Navy friends, family, my husband... I realized that I was found from my building portraits, and decided that I should create a new building portrait that represented community in Washington DC. To me, that building is the Pentagon. All branches of the military as well as civilians work in the Pentagon, coming together under one roof to plan and organize the protection of our country.  






​I found an image of the Pentagon I liked that was licensed for re-use, and got to sketching and inking!



 Once the sketching was done and approved and the building itself had been inked, I began to paint... and very quickly, I realized that every part of this painting was teeeeny tiny! This was not a painting of just the Pentagon, it was also of the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, the Smithsonian, the Marina, the Pentagon Memorial, The Potomac River, the Beltway, DC at large, and all those parking lots!





 I'm so very pleased with the result, and so excited to have my piece on the cover of the 2017 Navy-Marine Corps Ball program, and am eager to learn how much the original auctions off for to benefit the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society! 

Let me know if you're going! Tickets are on sale through January 25th if you'll be in the DC area Saturday, February 4, 2017... and while you're there, make sure to tell everyone you know the artist!

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