It's time to celebrate!

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It's time to celebrate!

September 28, 2016



(Photo Credit: Marisa McDonald Photography) 


Six-ish months ago, I received my copies of We Call Them Home: A Collection of Marine Corps Watercolors and I was SO. EXCITED. 500 copies of a book made ENTIRELY by me were sitting in my garage and I was overjoyed to pack them up and ship them off to those who trusted me enough to pre-order. After that, neighbors ordered, friends of friends from around the country (and globe!) ordered... I started getting requests for commissions and am so humbled by my resume. I still don't believe the people who have ordered, who I've painted for, the awesome that God has blessed me with! 

I had to 'shut down shop' for our anticipated move, which I now lovingly refer to as our 'Anti-Move' and it's been an adjustment dealing with the change of plans that has us still in the same house. In a way, those months purging, cleaning, moving, un-moving, cleaning, reorganizing and re-settling in the same spot feel non-productive. I was feeling a little 'set back' but I realized recently as I was trying to get my rear in gear that those months of "pause" on this business weren't really. Lots of AMAZING things still went on!

I finished 3 commissions between my "move" date and today. A house-portrait, my favorite commission to-date and the piece for the National Navy-Marine Corps Ball (more on those in later blog posts). I was able to begin offering free shipping on ALL items. I had stock printed for all the "We Call Them Home" pieces so high-quality digital prints could be listed in the online store. I partnered with the local Officer's Spouses Group to create a fundraiser piece for their philanthropy program. I registered to be in an upcoming "Vendor Fair" and have begun the process of getting approved to sell under MCCS. I did my first "welcome" blog post and intend to back-blog a lot of my other commissioned pieces in the near future!


I also realized the time spent slowed-down still doesn't negate any of the awesome that happened before the "anti-move". I still SELF PUBLISHED a *book*! And have been blessed with making 20 people extremely happy with original pieces over the years - some more than once! I started an equipment series (I promise... more are coming... some day), and I've watched as old and young Marines alike smile over the images and you can tell they're transported back to that place they once called home, or that time they spent with their brothers. 


So... we're going to celebrate all of that with a little online-party! And I am inviting *you*.  I'm giving away $50 in store credit, and I want *you* to get it! Get yourself a FREE copy of We Call Them Home or choose other goodies in the shop. You must enter by October 15th (the 6 month Anniversary of books arriving!). The winner will be announced shortly thereafter! Head to (a FB page tab) to see how to enter - and know that the more people you invite to my little party, the more chances you have to get that $50 certificate!

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