MARFOREUR/AF. Yep. I know how to say that.

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That's how you say it, by the way. And it stands for Marine Corps Forces Europe/Africa, which makes more sense than MCAGCC (Mic-agg-see-see) which stands for Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center... otherwise known as "Twentynine Palms" or more affectionately "Twentynine Stumps" or my favorite... the "Deuce Niner"). But I digress.

I've done two commissions for a family in MARFOREUR/AF and I pretend not to be SUPER jealous of their time in Germany while I do them. Since I'm working on blogging my commissions as they come and THEN back-blogging all the ones I've missed, we'll start with the second one. It makes sense in my brain (it's a good thing you can't get in here!)

I was asked to paint the MARFOREUR/AF Emblem for a bulk set of note cards, and as is always the first step... I sketched. And then I inked. And because I planned on "straying" a little from the boring block-colors of a standard emblem (she asked for a handmade watercolor - I should give it a little flair, right?!?) I scanned in the inked piece. That way, I could re-color as many times as we needed to to make everyone happy without having to re-ink. (side note: She loved version one! win!)




After inking, I dove right in and painted the globe, followed by the rope cording (which in this photo needs a little more work) and then placed frisket on the laurel and eagle globe and anchor.



At this point my 3yo son saw it and said that HE should paint it... so I printed out a copy for him and gave him his crayola watercolor paints... I think he nailed it.



Later, my 5yo daughter needed in on the action too. She used a "reference" (my piece) and completed her version in markers.



 Once the frisket was dry, I painted the red, then picked up the frisket and painted the laurels and EGA. There was a bit more tweaking to be done on the rope, and I even remembered my signature this time!






 I took video of this project as I was doing it as well, and make a little video to show you what all goes into a piece like this!! Let me know what you think! And if you'd like a piece done, shoot me an email with the "Contact" tab above! 







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